International Centre for Conflict Solution in Alfas del Pi

The International Centre for Conflict Solution ALFA DELTA PI arises around the figure of Professor Johan Galtung, a pioneer and world expert in the theory and practice of conflict resolution (or as he prefers Dispute Resolution). Its aim is to provide a space for reflection on issues, the meeting between the parties, the debate on solutions and learning effective methods to channel and resolve conflicts.

Since the 60s, Johan Galtung settled in these lands Alicante Alfas del Pi. to which he became an inspiring place to return from training activities and negotiations throughout the world. Today, this citizen of the world available here puts his huge library, knowledge and experience to start a new and exciting task with the Centre.

For this, we have the cooperation of the Hon. City of Alfas del Pi, the FRAX Foundation (whose facilities  meetings will take place in Albir) and the Complutense University of Madrid (with participation of experts and possible certification of the modules). We will also have expert advice and support Transcend international mediation organization founded by Professor Galtung own.